When you come into a pawn shop, you never know what you're going to find within it's walls. Here at the North Shore Pawn Shop, we get many comments and compliments about how clean the store is, how nice it smells, and how wonderful all the displays are of the items out for sale. With a Pawn shop you have the best of two worlds: a wide variety of one-of-a-kind items that come at a low price, plus a financial lending business if you are ever in need of a little money.

Many people have negative impressions about pawn shops from the movies and the media - everyone has seen at least one portrayal of seedy characters or bad deals with stolen property in some back room. Although we can't speak for other pawn shops, we are very strict about the items that come into the store, and we adhere to tight government regulations with every single transaction. Did you know that for any pawning or selling transactions in a pawn shop, you must be at least 18 years of age, and must produce two pieces of Government issued ID, including one current photo ID in order to pawn or sell an item? Did you know that every single transaction is recorded and reported to the RCMP at the end of every day with details of each item that comes in? Or that anytime someone tries to come in with goods that may not belong to them, there is a variety a questions that we ask that can help us verify whether an item truly belongs to someone or not. In other words, if you are looking to buy or sell stolen goods, LOOK ELSEWHERE.

It's unfortunate that Pawn Shops have a bad reputation, but don't let that misguide you before you visit our shop. We take pride in the work that goes into keeping this business in good standing, and we have an ever-changing inventory of items for the public, much like a friendly second-hand store. This is the main reason why we are the ONLY pawn shop currently operating on the North Shore, and it's also why want to keep it that way.

Tools, Electronics,
Gaming Gear:
Hand Tools
Power Tools
TV's & Portables
DVD/CD Players
Game Systems
Stereo Systems
Music, Movies,
Collectibles, Art:
DVD & VHS Movies
Movie/TV Box Sets
CD's & Musical DVDs
Musical Instruments
Gold, Diamonds,
Jewelery, Gifts:
Rings & Sets
Household Items
Seasonal Items
Unique Decorations
Native Art

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