How do I sell something?

If you find that you have items of value that you no longer want, but you don't have the patience to deal with donating them or selling them in the paper or online, we can help. Depending on what you have, you can put together a small list of your items, or simply make a note of the brand name, make or model, year of production, and any other pertinent information about your item (including how much you want to sell it for) before you come to see us. When you decide to sell something, think of it like you would as if you were going to place an ad in the paper. Have a general idea of how much you want to get for your item, but keep in mind that a Pawn shop always sells its items at a fraction of their value, so we cannot offer as much as if you were to sell something privately. We will let you know whether or not it is an item we can take in, and if everything is in good shape and good order, we can take a look at the item directly and settle on a reasonable amount.

Please note that with any buy or sell transaction, you must be at least 18 years of age, and must produce two pieces of Government issued ID, including one with a current photo. Unlike a Pawn transaction where you are borrowing money using your item as collateral, when selling an item outright, you aren't responsible for any service charges, you get the money for your item immediately and your transaction is complete. Due to government regulations however, we are always required to hold every item for a minimum of 30 days, any time after which we will clean them up, test them thoroughly, and put them out for sale.

What kinds of items can I bring in to sell?

There's a wide variety of items that we can take in for loans or to buy, but due to limited space and government restrictions and regulations, there are a few items that we can no longer accept:

  • Gas-powered tools or toys
  • Children's toys
  • Clothing & footwear
  • Furniture
  • Firearms, ammunition and dangerous goods
  • Sporting goods
  • Damaged items


Aside from these particular items, we will accept a variety of other items of value, but they absolutely must be in good condition. By this we mean that everything must be in working order, there must be hardly any visible damage, all components must be together, and they must not be in a state of needing repair. Take a good look at your item to ensure you have everything you need for it before you bring it to us - it should look like something that YOU would want to buy. We are also very strict with regard to proper police reporting, so every item must have it's proper model and serial numbers visible, to be recorded and reported at the end of each day. Please keep in mind that we must be able to carefully look over your item before we consider buying it, we cannot give you an estimate of what you can expect without first seeing the item directly. Below is a general list of goods we can accept, and if you have any further questions, feel free to check out our FAQ area, or for more details on specific items, check our Item Details page.

  • Tools & Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Cameras
  • Games and Game Systems
  • DVD's and DVD box sets
  • Select watches and Jewelry
  • Gold (no silver unless it's unique - ie: Antique or Native Jewelry)
  • Diamonds and precious stones
  • Select Art & Collectibles
  • Small Antiques

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