Whether you are pawning, selling or buying something from the North Shore Pawn Shop, there are certain condition requirements that we have in order to maintain a high quality of goods within the store. We look carefully at everything that comes into the shop to ensure that our customers are happy when they purchase something, and that all products are in good working order before it comes in the door. We put a lot of time and effort into cleaning, testing, researching, and organizing our items before they will go out for sale. To give you a general idea of some of the things we look for, the following breakdown will give you an idea of what kinds of standards we have in place for everything we buy or sell. If you have any questions that can't be answered here, please feel free to check out our FAQ's page or our Store Info page for more details.

JEWELRY - When dealing with jewelry, watches, and other personal items, we realize that each piece is unique. Anything that comes in must be complete (and in working order), or be in good condition and not in need of any repairs. If there IS any damage, it will be recorded on your slip so that it is noted what condition the item is in when it comes into the store, so there are no disputes when the item is retrieved. When dealing with gold jewelry, everything goes by weight when a value is determined. Items that we take in include antique jewelry, gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, watches and pocket watches, vintage pieces, and a variety of other items of value. When dealing with jewelry, we have years of experience behind us when evaluating an item, with extensive research and understanding into the details of the workings of a watch, or the cut and clarity of a diamond, for example. We are often asked about making minor repairs to an item or about services that are usually dealt with at a jeweler's, and although the experience is there, time does not allow us to help you with these types of problems. Also, please note that we do NOT give appraisals, you must go to a jewelry shop or other specialty store for this service.

TOOLS - Granted, it's tough to keep your tools in good shape but they MUST be in good working condition. We always test every item that comes into the store, so be prepared to show us that your tools are in working order. Anything with a model or serial number must have it clearly visible or we will not take it in. All accessories must be included where possible, and anything requiring a charger, power cord, adapter, case, cover, dust bag and so on must be included. We accept hand tools, power tools, air tools, safety equipment, accessories, toolboxes, tool kits, and specialized equipment. We carry a variety of brand name and generic tools and accessories, but if you have any questions about your item just contact us before you bring it in.

ELECTRONICS - We can accept home electronics, portable electronics and a variety of ever-changing technology that comes along, however, everything MUST be in good working condition. When dealing with electronics, everything must be within a year or two old, and with goods and prices changing every day, we must use our judgment on an item's value. Again, anything that requires a remote control, charger, power cord, adapter, case, cover, memory card, controllers, cables and so on must be included. We accept more current TV's (LCD or Plasma), HD/DVD and audio/video electronics, game systems, cameras, audio and video , iPods and MP3 players, accessories, and other specialized electronics. We carry a variety of brand name and generic electronics, and again, if you have any questions about your item, contact us before you bring it in.

MUSIC/MOVIES/GAMES - We try to remain current with today's technology, so when it comes to music, movies and games we are only accepting the most current formats and consoles. Although we are still selling our inventory of CD's and VHS movies, we are no longer taking them in as they are no longer popular for many consumers. We do accept DVD's, games and game systems such as X-Box, Playstation, PSP, Gamecube, Gameboy and Nintendo DS as well as a variety of their accessories. We also accept certain musical instruments such as guitars, amps, wind instruments, string instruments, and other items of interest. Please keep in mind that any instruction manuals, controllers, cables, power cords, adapters, covers, cleaning tools etc should also be included.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS & EQUIPMENT - We carry a variety of musical instruments and equipment, and every item will be carefully inspected when brought into the store. All instruments must be tested to ensure that they are in working condition, and we may ask you to show that your items is in good order by having you test it out for us. Any musical equipment must also be in good condition and in working order, and must also be complete. Any power cords, adapters, chargers, cords or cables should be included, as well as any instruction books or manuals if possible, just as if you wanted to purchase it and set it up immediately. We accept guitars and other string instruments, flutes, clarinets, saxophones and other wind instruments, amps, mixers, peddles, microphones, and other various audio/video equipment.

ART & COLLECTIBLES - We have a little bit of everything in our store, and so does everyone at home! If you have a piece of art or something unique or collectible that you want to bring in, we can certainly take a look at it and work something out. Obviously some items can become damaged or be in a state of needing repair, but a value amount will only be assessed after examining the item(s) directly. There is a wide range of items we can accept, but due to limited space and other restrictions, we cannot accept anything and everything. Photos, small paintings or pictures, coins or stamp collections, antique items, masks, figurines, carvings, decorations, cultural or historic objects, memorabilia and other miscellaneous collectibles or other objects are all items that we may be able to accept. Items that are illegal, unsafe, oversized or unacceptable for some other reason will not be taken in, but we will always try to give you some suggestions and options to try elsewhere.

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