When someone is about to retire, there is often a chance to wish them well with a Retirement gift. If you need a gift with a little something different, but you aren't sure where to start, we might be able to offer you some ideas. The greatest thing about being able to retire is that you are able to spend a lot more time doing more of the things you enjoy! That mysterious "free time" or "spare time" has finally arrived, and now it's time to relax. For some people there has always been something they enjoy collecting, or a sport or activity they love to take part in. And still others are busier than ever now that they have more time to themselves! Here's a brief list of things that we find people are looking for on this special time...

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Hobbyist Items: Leathermen, Gerber and Swiss Army Knives, binoculars, camping gear, flashlights, portable DVD players, fishing gear, music players, Chess sets, stamps or coins, books, collectibles.

Musical Instruments or Equipment: Guitars, amps, mics, audio/visual equipment, stereo equipment, speakers, music CDs and DVDs, miscellaneous cultural musical instruments.

Electronics/Game Gear: Cell phones, GPS systems, cameras and accessories, MP3 players, PDA's (ie: Palm Pilot), DVD players, gadgets. Tools: Hand tools, carpenter's tools, power tools, accessories, safety equipment, voltage meters, Dremel kits, socket sets, tool boxes, miscellaneous tools of the trade. Art: Paintings, pictures, hangings, decorative masks, carvings, crystal, pottery, soapstone, collector's plates, teacups/saucers, mugs & steins, trinkets.

Collectibles: Knives & swords, ornaments, beer signs, movie box sets, games, gear.

Miscellaneous goodies: Beer glasses, wine glasses, decanters, candles & holders, memorabilia, cultural artifacts, wrist/pocket watches, cufflinks/tie pins, various jewelry.

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