Father's Day

Father's Day can be tricky for many people, they often have no idea what to get for a good gift. Everyone wants to impress, and they want to try getting something special, something different - not another tie! Well here at the North Shore Pawn Shop we have lots to look through that might just be the perfect gift for a Dad or any other men in your life. Sometimes you have something in mind already that you know they collect or would enjoy. Other times you have no idea where to begin! Here's a brief list of things that we find people are looking for on this special day...

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Tools: Hand tools, carpenter's tools, power tools, accessories, safety equipment, voltage meters, Dremel kits, sets, miscellaneous tools of the trade and other gadgets.

Hobbyist Items: Leathermen, Gerber and Swiss Army Knives, binoculars, camping gear, flashlights, portable DVD players, fishing gear, music players, Chess sets, stamps or coins, books, collectibles.

Musical Instruments or Equipment: Guitars, amps, mics, audio/visual equipment, stereo equipment, speakers, music CDs and DVDs, miscellaneous cultural musical instruments.

Electronics/Game Gear: Cell phones, GPS systems, cameras and accessories, MP3 players, PDA's (ie: Palm Pilot), DVD players, Games and game systems (X-Box, Playstation, Nintendo), gadgets.

Art: Paintings, pictures, hangings, decorative masks, carvings, pottery, soapstone, collector's plates, mugs & steins, trinkets.

Collectibles: Knives & swords, ornaments, beer signs, movie box sets, games, gear.

Miscellaneous goodies: Beer glasses, wrist/pocket watches, memorabilia, rings, chains and other men's jewelry,

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