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A lot of people aren't sure what a Pawn shop is all about, so hopefully these questions and answers will give you a better idea of what you can expect. Every shop is different, but you can always tell a good one by how they display their goods, how much effort they put into their items, and how they present their store. With Pawn shops you get the best of two worlds - a unique store filled with a wide variety of items that are always at a great price, and a lending option for those who need a little money to tide them over. For those of you who aren't sure how Pawning works, feel free to read up on the questions below or check out our Pawning Info page for more detailed information.




How does a pawn or sell transaction work?

When you find yourself in a situation where you need a little money, you often find that you cannot go to a bank or other institution for a small, short term loan. A Pawn shop allows you to bring in items of value in order to borrow money against your item for a short period of time - with us each pawn is on a ONE month basis. This means that your item is used for collateral for a small loan for a period of one month from the day of your transaction, and any time within that month you can return to the shop to repay your loan with the service charge(s) to retrieve your item. If you find that you don't want to retrieve your item yet, you are still able to pay only the service charge amount by the due date, which will then give you another month to carry over your loan and retrieve your item. If the item is something that you already know you don't want to keep, you can also just sell the item outright, which means you aren't responsible for any service charges, you get the money for your item immediately and your transaction is complete. Due to government regulations, we are required to hold every item for 30 days, after which we will clean them up, test them thoroughly, and put them out for sale. If you become severely overdue and do not make arrangements with the pawn shop, your item can be put out for sale so that the business can recoup it's losses. Please keep in mind that for any buy or sell transaction, you must be at least 18 years old, you must produce 2 pieces of Government issued ID (one photo), and remember - it is against the law for us to deal with anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Again, every Pawn shop is different but at the North Shore Pawn Shop, we are very strict as to what we take into the store, and we DO follow all government regulations and restrictions.



What kinds of items can I bring in for a loan or to sell?

At the North Shore Pawn Shop, we can accept a variety of items of value for loan collateral or to buy outright, but they absolutely must be in good condition. By this we mean that everything must be in working order, there must be hardly any visible damage, all components must be together, and they must not be in a state of needing repair. Take a good look at your item to ensure you have everything you need for it before you bring it to us - it should look like something that YOU would want to buy. We are also very strict with regard to proper police reporting, so every item must have it's proper model and serial numbers visible, to be recorded and reported at the end of each day. Please keep in mind that we must be able to carefully look over your item before considering a loan or buying your item, we cannot give you an estimate of what you can expect without first seeing the item directly.

Because a Pawn shop sells everything at half or less of the regular price, they are only able to lend out a fraction of an item's value in order to make up for any losses if it has to go out for sale. It's important to understand that if for some reason you choose not to re-claim your item, after 30 days the Pawn shop must spend a lot of time and effort to test, clean and organize your item before it will go out for sale in order to recoup any costs. If for some reason we cannot accept your item, we will always try to give you suggestions and options of where else to try. Here's a general list of goods we can accept, and since all things are considered when examining your item, please check our  Item Details page for more specific information to keep in mind when deciding to bring something in:

  • Jewelry:   gold, diamonds, antique items, watches, etc.
  • Tools & Equipment:   hand tools, power tools, safety equipment, accessories etc.
  • Electronics:   TV's, DVD and CD players, game systems, cameras, etc.
  • Movies/Music/Games:   DVD's, box sets, select CD's, video games etc.
  • Musical Instruments:   guitars, amps, string/wind instruments, mixers, etc.
  • Art & Collectibles:   small pictures/paintings, figurines, memorabilia, etc.
  • Miscellaneous items:   Native art, carvings, select household/seasonal items, etc.

There is a wide variety of items that we can take in for loans or to buy, but due to limited space and government restrictions and regulations, the following is a list of items that we can no longer accept:

  • Gas-powered tools or toys
  • Children's toys
  • Clothing & footwear
  • Furniture
  • Firearms, ammunition and dangerous goods
  • Sporting goods
  • Damaged items



What happens to my items when I leave it with you?

When you come in to pawn or sell something, we do our very best to insure safe, secure storage for anything under our roof. Everything that comes into the shop that is already in a box, bag, backpack, tool box, carrying case or other container will remain in what ever state you bring it in, and we will simply keep it as it is. Otherwise, we will carefully bag or box your item and then transfer your item to a specific area on our storage shelves and keep it in a secure area away from the front retail area of the store. If the item is a piece of jewelry or other small item of value, anything like this will go directly into a safe immediately, for safe and secure keeping until you retrieve your item.



What happens if I'm late or lose my ticket?

When you bring in an item that you want to pawn, you will receive a copy of your pawn ticket with all the information you need in order to keep track of when you are due. The slip will have a ticket number, the date of your transaction, a detailed description of the item(s), and a breakdown of the amount that you borrowed plus any service charge. You are always due ONE month from the date of your transaction, and you must insure to retrieve or renew your item by the due date. If you do not take care of your item by the due date, your item is technically considered to belong to the Pawn Shop and is available to be put out for sale. However, if you are only a day or two late or have made other arrangements with the shop, you will be required to pay a late fee but will still be able to retrieve or renew your item. It is very important to remember when you are due to repay your loan, and to take care of this like you would any other bill payment.

If you lose your ticket, you should inform the Pawn Shop immediately. Your pawn ticket IS transferrable, so if someone finds your slip they could try to retrieve your item. We allow the slip to be transferrable in case you are not able to come to the shop to retrieve or renew your item. This makes it possible for you to send someone else down to the shop to make your payment for you in the case of a renewal, but if you want to have your item retrieved by someone else you should always inform the Pawn Shop first to make arrangements.



What if I just want to sell my item outright?

When you have something of value that you want to sell outright, there are a few things that we have to consider before we can accept an item. Please keep in mind that because a Pawn Shop sells its items at a fraction of the cost, we can only offer a price that is within reason for us to be able to sell it in the store. Even if the items are being sold outright and not being pawned, we are still required to hold all items for a minimum of 30 days, and we must also meet proper age and identification requirements. There are certain condition requirements that all items must meet, but we will always do our best to take everything into account when looking at your items. For more detailed information on what we look for, please check our Selling Info page, or get some more detailed information on our  Item Details  page.


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