In 2006, when the original building was sold that housed the North Shore Pawn Shop, support came from all over the city to help face its greatest challenge. The shop had to deal with many difficulties when approaching the city council for a permit and a business license in order to relocate the business. Thanks to all the petitions signed by hundreds of customers, letters from surrounding business owners, friends, family and a variety of community leaders, the greatest obstacles were overcome and the North Shore Pawn Shop was able to relocate and stay in business. Below are some of the main supportes we had behind us, and copies of each of their letters that went before the city council while fighting for the shop to remain here in North Vancouver. Click on any of the links to read their letters, and thanks again to ALL of you!

Local business, Mostafa Hair Design        Former Chief of Police, Ross Gulkison
Reverend Dr. John Kesser, supporter      Staff and Supporter, Lisa McIvor


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