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The North Shore Pawn Shop first opened its doors in April 2000, a small business in a heritage building on 1st Street and Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, BC. The area was perfect for a fun shop filled with lots of trinkets and great deals, and it slowly grew into a wonderful addition to the community. Over the years, hard work and first class ethics began to pay off as the little shop began to grow in popularity as a great place to find a little bit of everything! Here's a copy of the front page of the North Shore News from April 2000 when we first opened our doors.

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In the summer of 2006, a great shock came when it was revealed that the building that housed the shop had been sold to new developers, and that everyone within the building were told they would have to leave. With this came a huge challenge for the little shop, because of an old 'grandfather clause' within the city's bylaws that stated there were to be no Pawnbroking businesses allowed in North Vancouver. Presented with a problem, the North Shore Pawn Shop managed to gather support from the community, from the city, from the local RCMP, and from all varieties of friends, customers and community leaders.

Over the next few months, letters were sent, petitions were signed by hundreds, applications were filed, and a public hearing was held with the owners and city council that was broadcast live on TV. In the end, with overwhelming support from the Mayor of North Vancouver Darryll Mussatto, retired Chief of Police Ross Gulkison, the local RCMP, the surrounding businesses and community supporters, the North Shore Pawn Shop won the battle, allowing the shop to relocate and stay within the city. If you'd like to read what our main supporters had to say, please check out our Letters of Support area to see their original letters.

After celebrating the victory, the shop and its supporters faced the challenge of finding a new location, and carefully moving everything over. With great luck, a wonderful new location was found just up the street from the old one, and with lots of hard work fixing it up and getting everything ready, the new storefront was up and running by October 2006. Our new shop gave the stretch of Lonsdale between 1st and 2nd streets a new breath of fresh air as we planted spring flowers and filled the wonderful window displays to welcome all our customers!

And now, with another few years under our belt, this move has given the North Shore Pawn Shop another chance to give back to the community by continuing to give time and donations to local schools and charities, to be there in support of our customers, and by becoming a member of the Lower Lonsdale Business Association. We look forward to the future, and we wish to say a great big THANK YOU to all of those who supported us in the past!

Today, we are very happy to still remain in our neighborhood and have celebrated our first year at our new location with great pride!

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